Wake up early to avoid crowds
If you want those top instagram shots you ned to wake up early and beat the crowds at the local tourist spots. Not only will these places be less crowded the lighting at sunrise will be amazing. You will also have lot more space to enjoy the attraction without being crowded by tourists.

Don't be afraid to get lost
Some of the best gems we have found around the world have been from a happy accident of getting lost. You take in a lot more when you are lost and looking for directions and some of life's gems are often hidden where least expected.

Eat the Local Food
You will find thousands of new dishes that you would never find at home if you sample the local cuisine. Don't be put off by the name or the look it could be the best thing you have ever tasted.

Our key tip to picking the best place to eat is the smaller the menu the better the food will be. You want a chef that cooks the same thing everyday then you know he really knows how to cook it rather than someone that has a menu of 100 items.

Travel Insurance
Make sure you are insured for your trip. We all hear horror stories everyday of people getting injured or sick abroad and can't afford the treatment. It isn't worth the risk for the sake of a small expense.

Airport Money Exchange
Don't change your money at the airport. The rates will be the worst out of any other place as they rely on people leaving it too late to get it anywhere else.

Telling your bank your travelling
Make sure you let your bank know what countries you will be heading to. There is nothing worse than trying to get cash or pay for something and your card gets blocked.

Local Markets
Visit the local markets. This is a great way to understand the culture of the country you are visiting. From food to clothing to furniture you get a real insight into what the locals love.

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