Top 10 Tips for Travelling Alone 2019

Although we love to travel together, on occasions we have ventured off alone, so today's blog is useful tip's we want to share to help all you solo travellers out there.

1. Go with the flow
Allow the country to show you what it has to offer. You have no one there to make the plans for you, or to talk to, so take the opportunity to let a place show you what it’s got.

2. Travel Light
Opt for a backpack over a suitcase. Remember as you are travelling alone there will be no one to look after your bag when you need to pop to the restroom so you need to be able to carry this everywhere with you. Being alone also means no one will be there to help you with your luggage and it's a lot easier to manoeuvre with a backpack than a case.

Don't pack unnecessary clothes. We are all guilty of over packing and secretly know that we will only use 10% of what we have packed. Try to be hard on yourself and pack less than normal.

3. If you feel lonely
If you are feeling lonely why not book yourself onto a guided tour or some sort of activity. You are guaranteed to make friends if you do this.

4. Know your budget
Always bear in mind how much money you have for the whole trip so that you don't run out of money.

5. Travel Insurance
Make sure you buy travel insurance. We have all read those horror stories, it's not worth running the risk of falling ill or getting injured without having the correct insurance to help you.

6. Staying in touch
Always make sure you let someone know where you will be at different points in your trip. It's also worth researching before you go which ways are going to be the cheapest ways of contacting family and friends.

7. Stay in different Hostels 
If you want to make friends whilst you are travelling then make sure you move around to different hostels/b&b's/hotels so you meet as many people as possible on your trip.

8. Early Bird
As the saying goes... early bird catches the worm.... If you are not up late crawling numerous bars then it's definitely worth getting an early night and getting up early to go explore the sites before they are crowded with other tourists. The experience and pictures will be so much better without being crushed between thousands of other people.

9. Emergency Contacts
Make sure you keep a list of emergency contacts on you just incase you get into any problems.

10. Learn the Language
Although most countries speak english it's worth learning a few phrases from the local language. It will help you meet people., make you come across as polite and you may find it actually helps if you find yourself in a rural location and needing a drink with no one who understands what you are saying.

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