Top 5 Places to Travel to on a Budget

Wether your a student on limited funds or just want to see how cheap you really can go away for without compromising on quality then this blog is for you. We have comprised some of the most affordable yet amazing places you can visit on a limited budget and still live the life of luxury.

1. Cambodia

Affordable, beautiful, hospitable locals. Cambodia has it all, much like most of southeast Asia. You can sleep in an air conditioned room for around $20 and feed yourself with amazing street food for about $2. Travelling around the country is equally as easy and cheap also.

2. China

Home to the ever sprawling Great Wall. China is one of the best value places in the world and even more so if you head out of the city and off the beaten track. Much like Cambodia you can sleep and eat for less than $25 a day.

3. Thailand

Stunning Thailand is the ultimate backpackers retreat. Although prices are rising with the soaring number of tourists if you head north of the island. Not only will the views become more and more amazing, resorts will get quieter and prices will get alot cheaper, even if that does seem near on impossible.

4. Morocco

Architecturally stunning but over populated with pushy rug salesmen. If you can handle the locals always trying to sell you something then you will be in for a treat with this affordable getaway. Not far from europe with a decent climate all year round. This is a must see at a great price.

5. India 

This massive and absolutely stunning country has so much to offer. Home to the Taj Mahal and many other wonders, India is a must see and can be done on a budget. Food is amazing and cheap as well as a decent hotel. Public transportation is also easy and budget friendly.

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