Top Tips for Better Sleep When You Travel

There is so many amazing reasons why people should travel. Learning new things, seeing new countries, trying new food, meeting new people, new experiences, but one the thing that is most unwelcome is not getting enough sleep while you’re travelling.

No one wants to be going on the journey of a lifetime to lose some of the adventure due to feeling tired, or even worse, catching up on sleep!

We've have put together some of the best things you to ensure an energetic adventure with no sleep deprivation. Check out our top tips below.

1. Dress for sleep in mind
Wear something that is perfect for sleeping in. A suit or jeans won't make you feel comfortable enough to sleep.

Also consider not wearing items with too many zips and buttons that can cause discomfort when trying to get into the comfortable position.

Think about loose jogging bottoms, trainers and a cosy jumper or t-shirt. What do you wear to chill on the sofa? Go with something like that. You might well want to take a pillow and an eye mask which will help you relax and sleep too.  

2. Cut down on caffeine and screen time
By the time it comes to getting on your flight or whatever transport you are talking you want to be as relaxed as possible. To achieve this we recommend cutting down on the caffeine and avoid excessively using your mobile or laptop prior to the trip.

These are the most common significant factors to keeping people awake, yet they are the most preventable factors too.

3. Be careful what you eat
What you eat will largely influence how tired you are feeling during the flight. If you are eating foods that will weigh heavily on your stomach (junk foods), you will find that because your body is attempting to digest the food, you will feel a bit more tired, but you may not find it easier to get some sleep if your body isn’t ready. We recommend eating a well balanced and decent sized meal before your long flight, and simply snack during the flight until in-flight meals are provided. This will ensure that if you do get some sleep, you will be able to awaken refreshed.

4. Stay hydrated, drink water
Dehydration is the main cause of fatigue whilst travelling. This is especially true when you fly. The cabins of planes can become really dry, so be cautious to drink plenty of water before and after your flight. Not only will this help you sleep better, it will also give you more energy during the day to enjoy the adventures you have planned.  

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