Dumbo & Brooklyn Bridge
Gossip Girl fans this one is for you! Let your inner Humphrey shine, with this beautiful shot in Dumbo of the Manhattan Bridge peaking out between the industrial buildings. Obviously popular by demand, this location gets flocked with tourists so arrive early for less of a crowd and beautiful lighting.

Grand Central Station
Undoubtably, the most classic and beautiful transportation hub of New York since 1913, Grand Central offers a stunning location for photos. Head over to the ledge overlooking the main floor for a beautiful shot, and don't forget to look up to see the design of the constellations. If your trying to get an empty photo with no people, I would recommend coming late at night around 10pm-11pm. There are usually no trains coming in from Long Island so it's less crowded.

Central Park
What's a trip to NYC without a Central Park Photo! There are so many beautiful Vignettes here, most of which you can find yourself. Central Park is huge. No really, it is. The best way to navigate it is to bookmark the places you want to see ahead of time and make a route, otherwise there is no way you can walk the entire thing without tiring out.

High Line Park
Set above ground on an old subway track, the High Line is a beautiful park that runs from Meatpacking to 34th Street. Ideally this can be enjoyed most during temperate weather when the flowers start blooming, however expect larger crowds, I mean hoards of people. Going in the cold is tough but you'll practically have the place to yourself.

Flatiron Building
Enter 23rd Street and you'll be struck with the awe inspiring Flatiron Building. Built in 1902, it remains an iconic New York City structure due to it's illusion to the eye- they don't call it Flatiron for nothing. For the classic shot head to 23rd and Broadway. Head there early morning or dusk to avoid the harsh lighting of noon. Otherwise an overcast day is your best bet!

My favorite neighborhood for photos featuring the stunning cobblestone and lofty buildings. You'll find luxury shops and boutiques, along with cafes and decadent bakeries.

Add a little unique flavor to your photos with shots from NYC's Chinatown. Once you pass Canal Street you will be transformed into a different world. You will find all sorts of things like unique fruit, fresh seafood, markets, and many great restaurants. Chinatown will always be bustling so there isn't really an ideal time to go. Patience will be key with this location.

Hudson River Park
I haven't seen too many people take advantage of this picturesque pier off of Manhattan's West Side, which makes it very quiet and peaceful. This park offers unobstructed views of Manhattan's financial district with the iconic 1 World Trade as its center piece.

Washington Square Park
Add a little Parisian inspiration to your photos with the Arch in Washington Square Park. Modeled after the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, this smaller New York replica is a stunning feature off of 5th Avenue and Waverly Place. Once in the park you can enjoy the scenery and people watching.

East Village
Head into the residential East Village neighborhood and take in the classic tenement style buildings, cozy coffee shops, and boutique clothing stores.

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